What will you dooooommmmm




Things are really crap at the moment. Motivation is down. My health is not so good at the moment as I am so tired. Body is aching. Could do with a long rest. Teaching yoga is a struggle. Guess the means I am not teaching yoga if it is a struggle. The term ‘sharing’ is more appealing. To say I am teaching yoga implies that I am all knowing and I am certainly not that. However, I appreciate the role of ‘teacher’ and for practical purposes I will accept that title.

Over the pass few months I have been putting energy into the business of yoga and the classes have picked up a little. Much effort is require to keep the balls up and things flowing in the right direction.

My personal practice consist of various meditations which are amazing. This practice takes up two hours which does not leave time for much asana or pranayama practice.

There are a few changes which will take place over the weekend depending on the outcome of situations and I shall have a clearer view of what direction my path shall take.